About Class Counselling at CEC Jhanjeri

The Class Counselling program at CEC Jhanjeri works on the proven principle of faculty acting as a Friend, Philosopher and Mentor, where each and every faculty member is appointed as a Class Counselor for a small set of 30 students. This helps the students to express their personal problems and unique thoughts, feelings, reactions and system of values present in them. This involves an exploration of their feelings, involvement (or lack thereof) with teachers, their studies, their mutual relationships and various other activities.

The Guidance & Mentoring aspect of the Class Counselling System helps the students to become aware of their academic strengths & weaknesses, to find and develop study related skills that strengthen their weak areas, to identify personal strengths, and to formulate their career and life plans.This Guidance and Counselling System at CEC Jhanjeri is designed to facilitate the individual exploration. The Program includes the following aspects:

  • Assistance to all the students in their personal development.
  • Academic assessment and mentoring.
  • Individual and group testing.
  • Career exploration and definitions.
  • Guidance for students who are conditionally accepted or are on disciplinary probation.
  • Personal Counselling to individual students

Hassle Free Education

Help students decide on a major, create degree objectives or fulfil other requirements.

Student Welfare

This department has been set up for the betterment of students and provide for their all round development.

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College Grievance

Students can reach out to this department in case they have any complaint or confusion regarding any matter.

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Student Feedback

Feedback from students enables CEC Jhanjeri to serve them better and enhance our service for future students.

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