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Electrovision Club

On 25.3.2014 ECE Department formed a departmental club named “Electrovision” for carrying out all the departmental activities under the umbrella of departmental club.


Vision of the Club:

To work on various innovative projects which will bestow creative minds thinking patterns to the upcoming future engineer/scientist so that our mind can boost enough so that we can face any hurdles in the way of learning new tactics to deal with ever changing or dynamic technology. Also we hope, it is our soul duty to work on those projects which will make our institute technically advanced and prepare our country well enough to compete with other established high tech countries & also the emerging countries which are technically very sound. We are technically far behind in compare to those technically advanced countries. There can be an abrupt change only if we toil hard with a never say die spirit having 100% dedication and devotion to our work, motivating and inspiring the young and creative minds in the direction of technology.

To achieve our goal of excellence in the field of technology, we are trying our best to provide base for those zealous and hardworking students so that they can grow, nurture and explore the opportunities, which are lying in front of them.
The purpose of Technical Club:-


  • To develop a platform where the technical innovativeness of students could be nurtured and given a practical shape so as to improve the technical abilities of students as well as the reputation of institute as a leader in innovation and creativity.
  • To enhance the technical innovativeness of our institute students by organizing the workshops and competitions on various technical level in order to attract the interest of the students towards technical aspects of their education.
  • Provide a platform where the students can put their innovative efforts and clear their doubts to transform them into reality.
  • Work on live projects to make the institute high-tech.
  • Represent our institute by participating at National level Tech-Fest and other technical events all around the nation
  • Provide a platform where the students can put Technical paper presentation and industrial visit under the club.


Convener of Club-

Dr. Sajjan Singh Head of Department



Dr. Sarabpreet Kaur, Professor Ms. Jatinder Kaur, Asst. Prof. Ms. Sonia Bhukra, Asst. Prof.
Mr. Paramvir Singh, Asst. Prof. Mr. Jaspreet Singh, Asst. Prof. Mr. Taranjit Singh, Asst Prof.


Student Members:

Ram Prasad Pokhrel, 7th Sem -ECE

Jasmine Kaur, 7th Sem-ECE Prince Kumar, 5th Sem-ECE
Mansi Sharma, 5th Sem-ECE    

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